How To Choose Workout Yoga Clothes

Did you know that the workout clothes we will wear have an impact on our performance? Shocking right? It is why, in this post, I am writing tips on how to choose the best yoga workout clothes​​—leading in finding the right pair that is for us!

To start, we need to know what kind of fitness yoga clothes we are looking for, like a yoga top, yoga pants, or BOTH. We also need to choose based on our style if like going basic, then plain design, and if we want some colors, we can opt for printed ones. But, it is wise to choose sports yoga clothes with high-quality material that will last us for years.

In one-million situations, an unexpected horror might come like, our yoga pants might be torn apart during a yoga session, or our yoga top was full of sweat! Oh, we don’t want that right? So, what more can we do to choose fitness yoga clothes? 

Let’s find out!

Getting The Right Yoga Material Will Help Us Be In The Best State

Gym yoga clothes serve as an athleisure for rocking that yoga session and fashion style. It’s confusing to choose among those options, especially for fitting the right materials that are not only for marketing. 

But I got you. I have compiled a list of the yoga materials we should consider getting.


Something that we don’t want after our yoga session is being sweaty (yikes!). It is why cotton material is our top-tier option that can absorb moisture and cut that stink-causing bacteria.

Cotton materials in workout yoga clothes are the best you can choose from. They feel smooth and comfortable, and breathable in the skin, which will allow you to move with extreme yoga poses. Even if you’re sweaty and feeling stinky, a good cotton material can absorb moisture. 

Disclaimer: Cotton absorbs moisture fast but, they dry very slowly.


Sweaty and haggard, not a good combination. It’s why this bamboo material is our friend when we want to dive deep into a hardcore yoga session. 

Bamboo has a very soft material that is antimicrobial, light, and breathable. It is a nice material for yoga clothes since it allows you to move. It is an alternative to synthetic fibers, and it’s eco-friendly. You can guarantee that it will not irritate your skin, and you will stay fresh throughout your yoga. 


Polyester is the backbone of any fitness yoga clothes. It’s a good insulator, so it’s is best in winter. It’s also breathable and easy to wear because it’s lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and non-absorbent.

The problem with polyester is, it promotes the growth of germs, fungi, and bacteria. They also retain that stinky smell. So only use them in light and medium yoga sessions and wash them immediately.

Source: Top 5 Performance T-Shirt Fabrics (Sportswear Secrets) Reason Why Bamboo Fabric Makes The Best Organic Yoga Pants

The Right Yoga Clothes For Men Is Now Easy To Find With Varieties Of Options  

Yoga is not the manliest activity out there. So, I understand the sentiments when it comes to workout yoga clothes, men have limited options. 

That is why I have included a list of yoga tops and pants that men should start purchasing for their yoga sessions.

Workout Clothes: YOGA TOPS


Short-sleeved exercise yoga tops have comfortable and soft material. It’s breathable and will not bunch up even if you are doing an extreme yoga session. This type of yoga top has form-fitting spandex material and sweat-wicking fabric. It is flexible enough, that as you go through your breathing and poses, you will not feel suffocated.

Wearing this one can show off your arm, especially if you have a muscular arm. But, if you have a skinny body type, a short-sleeve will be a disadvantage. It doesn’t fit flattering, and you always need to adjust the sleeves. 

Long Sleeve

Athletic experts give a big YES to wearing a long-sleeve top during yoga. 

It’s recommended to choose a compression long-sleeve yoga top or something that is slim-fitting. Long-sleeve contains a flexible and breathable material that can support your movements. It also adds another layer to your body while creating an illusion of a bulky and muscle-arm. 

But the disadvantage is it can get uncomfortable, especially if it’s not high-quality. It might cause you injury and limited movement too. 

Gym Clothes: YOGA PANTS


The shorter the length and minimal fabric, the better, so a yoga short is life-savior. Still, it does not stop there. Our yoga shorts should have a lightweight material that has a built-in liner. This built-in liner will prevent you from embarrassing exposure. 

The best yoga shorts are, either form-fitting that will keep us covered with protection and support, or contain a protective lining. It should have an anti-bacterial fabric that feels smooth and does not snag when you do yoga. It should be stretchy and has a breathable material. 

Long Pant

Yoga pants are among the most comfortable and well-fitting clothing options available. We will not run out of long pants options for your yoga. From style, to fit, materials and benefits—we can choose from! 

  • Sweatpants have breathable material and are stylish enough. They are comfortable and come in a fitted and loose style.
  • Yoga pants are more on the comfortable and loose-fitting side. It is loose enough to give us comfort. It won’t bother our movement and skin, even though we are in an extreme yoga session. 
  • Leggings have less fabric and a closer fit. Their material feels like we are wearing nothing and makes our bodies stand out because they are flattering.

Source: What Should Men Wear For Yoga? Short-Sleeve VS Long Sleeve | WHICH IS BETTER?

Choosing The Type of Yoga Clothes For Women Will Make Us Stand Out

It is fun to spice up that boring yoga session by wearing good yoga clothes! But, yoga still means relaxation, so it is best to choose yoga clothes that give us comfort and support. 

Keep on reading to know more about the yoga tops and pants we should look for. 



A women’s gym yoga bra should support our breasts while doing yoga or any form of a workout session. That is why we should choose a yoga bra that is durable, comfy, and moisture-wicking

But how can we know if the yoga bra we have is the right one?

We have varieties of options to choose from, like spaghetti straps, thick straps, long, short, loose, and tight. But, we must take note of the following:

  • Our yoga bra should minimize our breast movement when doing high-impact yoga (HIIT yoga) and more support than a normal bra.
  • A yoga bra should have a comfortable, soft, and breathable material. 
  • They should have delicate fabrics so they will not irritate the sensitive skin within our breast area.


It is one of the best yoga clothes you might want to find. Let me tell you why!

Short sleeves can give us that comfy and breathable effect. They have a soft and moisture-wicking material that will not make us look sweaty and haggard. It also provides a great fit, from loose to fitting one that allows us to move.

But, the disadvantages of short-sleeve are, sometimes armholes are broad or low, leading to a terrible fit. It also highlights the arm, if you don’t want to bring attention to that section of your body, a short-sleeve is not for you.


At times our worry about wearing a long sleeve can interrupt our yoga session. Yet, debunking that, this is another versatile yoga top that we can use anytime. 

Long sleeves are not fashionable options, but rather have many advantages that will hook you! 

When choosing a long-sleeve top, we need to make sure that it has a compression component, and it’s breathable. The fabric should be thick but will allow us to move. Long-sleeve tops should be sweat-absorbing because it covers all the upper part of our body that will sometimes be full of sweat.

But, we should avoid long-sleeve during intense yoga as it can get too hot. It can also feel uncomfortable if the material used is not good, as it restricts our yoga poses. 



We can choose the option of tight-fitting shorts or loose-fitting shorts. But, if you don’t know what to choose, Let’s compare them:

  • tting shorts are very much comfortable. It has a compression component, so it will not get in the way of your yoga. A tight-fitting short can make your body and booty stand out, letting you know that your yoga is effective.
  • Loose-fitting shorts are lightweight and flowy. Though the fabric can get in the way of your extreme yoga poses, still, this is a great option for a moderate yoga session. 

We can pick long-short like biker shorts. Their length is perfect—providing ample coverage on buttocks and thighs while allowing for some movement. It has a comfortable and breathable fabric that can absorb moisture. 

Yoga Jogging Legging

Leggings are fitting and have a comfortable material that allows us to move and rock different yoga poses. But how convincing is it to wear leggings for yoga? Let’s find out:

  • Leggings stretch and fit in our bodies. They highlight our curves, and we can see the progress of our yoga session.
  • It is made to be comfortable and flexible. So, even with different body shapes, it will still look fine.
  • breathable and will allow you free movements. Unlike other pants, leggings are comfortable and not suffocating.

Source: What To Wear To Yoga Global Yoga Clothing Market by Type (Yoga Shorts, Yoga Pants, Yoga Unitards, Yoga Tops, Yoga Capris and Others), By Application (Men, Women, and Kids), by Region and Forecast 2018 to 2025


You have come to the end of this post, Hooray! 

At this moment, you made up your mind about how to choose the proper yoga clothes. In choosing one, you have to consider these three things, perfect yoga material and the pros and cons of each. But remember, choosing a yoga clothing piece will spice up your yoga session!


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