How to Find Chinese Sportswear Manufacturers?

How to Find Chinese Sportswear Manufacturers?

I have met with a considerable number of clients including retailers and store owners.

Most of them have always complained about the lack of a good sportswear supplier.

In fact, some have had to shut down their businesses when they couldn’t get the right sportswear manufacturers.

So, if you are ready to stand out from your competitors in the sportswear sales industry, then you need to engage Chinese suppliers for your custom-designed fitness apparel.

Here are other reasons why Chinese suppliers are simply the best and win over other countries.

  • Chinese suppliers provide a large volume of products due to the higher production capability of China.
  • They offer cheaper prices due to the lower manufacturing costs
  • They provide a wide and diverse range of quality products
  • You don’t have to worry about oversupply or undersupply as Chinese suppliers supply the exact quantity that you need
  • They accommodate urgent supply requests without any reduction in quality
  • You can easily build better relationships with the Chinese suppliers and make custom requests

Part 2

What Are the Benefits of Having Good Fitness Apparel Suppliers?

You stand to gain lots of benefits when you employ the right private label sportswear manufacturers.

1. Constant Supply of Raw Materials

With Chinese activewear manufacturers, you can rest assured of an adequate supply of raw materials.

And this means you don’t have to worry about production delays due to a lack of materials.

2. Stability of the Incoming Materials’ Quality

Apart from the adequate supply of the necessary materials, another advantage of Chinese sportswear suppliers is that these incoming materials are of high quality.

This way, you can rest assured of the stable quality of the finished products.

3. Conformity to the Agreed Delivery Quantity

Do you have any specific quantity of custom-design fitness apparel that you want from manufacturers of sports clothing?

Then, rest assured that the sportswear manufacturing company will produce the exact quantity that you need.

4. Accuracy of the Empty Period

Another benefit is the accuracy of the empty period, which in turn, helps to ensure the accuracy of the company’s shipping period.

5. Ideal Coordination of All Work

The availability of excellent suppliers can create an atmosphere of smooth and easy work coordination on both sides.

This benefit is important for enterprises as it has a huge impact on their production and sales.

So after a series of high-quality research and investigations, here are major two steps you need to take if you want to choose the right supplier.

1. Find Out the Available Gym Apparel Manufacturers

Firstly, you need to conduct a first selection phase in which you look out for the available sportswear manufacturers.

One of the reasons why you need to do this is to get yourself familiar with the available choices.

This will allow you to select the best wholesale gym wear suppliers in the end.

The selection phase involves choosing about four to five suppliers that caught your interest.

They should also meet some of the criteria that you might have set beforehand.

But, how do you choose these suppliers, and are there any factors that you need to consider before selecting them?

If they exist, what are these factors?

All these questions lead us to the next step that you should take.

2. Choose Them by Considering Some Important Factors

What are your greatest requirements when it comes to choosing sportswear manufacturers?

Are you majorly concerned about the pricing that each sportswear manufacturer offers?

Or do you only care about the reputation of the sportswear manufacturer brands?

These are some questions you need to answer here.

You might want to consider some important factors ranging from pricing and brand reputation.

For example, you can write down the requirements you want in any sports clothing manufacturer that you would choose.

Certifications and compliances are important ways to establish the credibility of a sportswear manufacturing brand.

So, make sure you conduct a thorough investigation of the present certifications and compliances of the sportswear manufacturers.

This will allow you to trust your chosen athletic clothing manufacturers more.

Part 3

Where to Find the Best Sportswear Manufacturers?

There are two major places where you can find the best sportswear manufacturers and they include online and offline channels.

Back in the older centuries when the internet was very unpopular, you might have to travel down to China when looking for the best Chinese private-label sportswear manufacturers.

But now, you don’t have to.

You can easily search for sportswear manufacturers at the comfort of your home or from any location in the world.

So, let’s explore the two channels one after the other.

Online Channels

1. Google
This image focuses on the fact that Google can search for sportswear and that there is a wide variety

Have you ever searched for anything on Google and you couldn’t find what you were looking for?

Well, I would assume your answer was a resounding “No”.

And if otherwise, you probably made the wrong search.

Google is the foremost and most popular online site where you have free access to as many sportswear manufacturers as you want.

All you need to do is to enter your search keywords.

And you would see top Chinese sportswear manufacturers that you can choose from.

If you want to narrow down your search, then you can go directly to Google My Business to look for verified profiles of Chinese sportswear manufacturers.

Google My Business is much more reliable and brings more accurate results.

2. Alibaba

The next on the list of various online channels you can explore is Alibaba.

Alibaba is a leading B2B trade marketplace that enjoys visitors from all around the world.

You can find manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba for almost every product available under the sun, ranging from custom-designed fitness apparel to consumer electronics and machinery.

In fact, sportswear and fitness apparel are some of the most popular products on Alibaba.

This image is a description of a product in the custom made activewear category on Alibaba

All you need to do is a gentle search on the Alibaba website.

Two good advantages of Alibaba are that it offers very affordable pricing made possible through lower manufacturing costs.

It also gives you access to a large number of suppliers.

You can also relate directly with whatever sportswear manufacturers that you choose.

You can check out the website now.

3. Aliexpress

Aliexpress was founded in 2009 and it is owned by the Alibaba Group.

It is an online shopping platform where you can find different categories of products such as accessories, computer electronics, and private label sportswear manufacturers.

However, Aliexpress mostly comprises small businesses and, therefore, functions at the consumer level.

So, you might not find as many sportswear manufacturers as you would find on the parent site which is Alibaba.

All the same, Aliexpresss is also a great online site for finding millions of suppliers for custom-designed fitness apparel.

4. Social Media Platforms

Social media is also a rich online channel for finding online sportswear manufacturers.

Some of the popular online social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

For example, you can explore many different Facebook groups, especially the ones that mainly showcase Chinese sportswear manufacturers.

Instagram also allows you to discover private-label sportswear manufacturers.

You can view their offerings on their Instagram pages to know what they offer.

However, a general caution when using social media platforms is that you should be careful of fake accounts.


Similar to Alibaba and Aliexpress, is another leading B2B online trading marketplace for Chinese manufactured goods.

It hosts various kinds of China wholesale products in different categories, including football wear and men’s clothing.

This is a fitness product describing activewear fabrics from other branded sports manufacturers.

Just enter your keyword, which, in this case, should be, “Sportswear Manufacturers”.

And you would be met with various Chinese sportswear manufacturers with quality goods at competitive prices.

If you need more details, you can refer to this

Looking for Custom Sportswear Online in

Offline Channels

Traveling down to China is another way you can find sportswear manufacturers although this should not be your first approach.

Maybe, you have explored the above online mediums but you want more options or you want to check out the sportswear manufacturing industries.

You can then employ the offline option.

China regularly hosts a variety of exhibitions, fairs, and trade shows which allows you to discover the right sportswear manufacturers for your business.

1. Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China and clothing products are mainly featured in Phase 3.

2. The Yiwu Commodities Fair

This fair features various types of consumer products and it hosts different buyers from all around the world.

3. Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair

This fair is the largest out of the regional fairs and it is held in March. Featured products include textiles and clothes.

4. China International Sporting Goods Show

Over 1,000 exhibitors which consist of sportswear and fitness companies are usually present in this show.

Plus, it also hosts a large number of visitors from all around the world.

5. ISPO Shanghai
This picture shows what partnership options ISPOshanghai has to help them find the right activewear manufacturer..

The ISPO Shanghai is a multi-segment summer trade show.

It involves various segments such as health and fitness and water sports.

Apart from attending trade shows, you can also visit some of the reputable sportswear manufacturers in China.

1. Quanzhou Tsingyisports

Quanzhou Tsingyisports is a custom wholesale fitness and yoga wear supplier with more than 20 years in traditional wholesale customization, R and D design, production, and sales.

They have a world-class gym apparel manufacturing factory and you can place your order from anywhere and in whatever quantity that you need.

This image illustrates the site's product categories such as t shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, suits, etc.
click image to see more
This picture is of a very popular men's sports tracksuits set for the wholesale production line
click picture to see details
Source: Quanzhou Tsingyisports

Contact them here.

2. Jin Jian Well Rise Garment

Jin Jian Well Rise Garment was founded in 2003 and specializes in producing adult and children sportswear.

With almost 20 years of professional export experience, she is a premium OEM supplier and go-to sportswear manufacturing company for various series of outdoor sports apparel products.

3. Dongguan Aika Apparel

Located in the Guang Gong Province, Dongguan Aika Apparel is a professional OEM sportswear manufacturer with over 10 years of experience.

You can easily contact them for your custom-designed fitness apparel and rest assured of a service experience.

4. Goal Sportswear

Goal Sportswear has over 10 years of sublimation sportswear manufacturing experience.

They mainly specialize in custom-designed sublimation clothing.

You can contact them for your various types of jersey supplies.

More details can be found at this link

List of Chinese sporting goods manufacturers and Chinese sporting goods trade fairs in China.


How to Choose the Right Sportswear Manufacturers?

You can choose the right sportswear manufacturers by taking these three suggestions that would be explained below.

1. Make a list of your available choices and compare them

The principle of comparison is about logically placing each sportswear manufacturer side by side and then taking note of their peculiarities and differences.

Doing so would allow you to procure the right private label sportswear manufacturers for your business.

2. Make your choice based on different criteria

The status of the enterprise in the industry, together with its scale and strength should be first on your checklist.

Also, you have to prioritize the product quality and the possession of the ISO9000 series certification.

You can also consider the brand’s reputation, pre-sales and after-sales services, and technical support capabilities.

Request for technical information and samples of the various equipment, components, and materials, which are necessary for the successful completion of the contract.

You can ask for the product prices which include material purchase prices, taxes, miscellaneous fees, insurance.

Likewise, inquire about their supply period which spans the interval from order to delivery.

3. Maintain close contact with the sportswear supplier

Also, ensure your procurement staff maintains adequate communication with your suppliers.

This is very important before and after the purchase of the materials so as to ensure the delivery of the right quantity and quality.

You can check out this article how-to-find-your-Chinese-supplier to know more about investigating a company’s delivery times, samples, factory range, and other technical aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a supplement to the title FAQ for tthe sportswear manufacturer to solve more questions

Is finding the right Chinese supplier difficult?

No. It is not difficult to find the right Chinese supplier for your custom-designed fitness apparel once you take the steps that are well outlined in this article.

Can I really find the best sportswear manufacturer for my business?

Yes, you can. Go through all your discovered sportswear manufacturers and choose that is most compatible with your business in terms of budget, needs, and size.


Well, I would recommend you try out Quanzhou Tsingyisports as they have the necessary manufacturing equipment, experience, and manpower.

Can I find a supplier that is compatible with my budget?

Yes, you can. Let’s say you are on a low budget, all you need to do is to find a sportswear manufacturer which provides bulk orders at very affordable prices.


Before you even begin the search for a supplier, ensure you have a rich knowledge of your business scope, model, and needs.

This is important because it guides you during your search process to choose the right business partner who is compatible with your business model.

This also ensures a healthy ground for long-term sustainable business development.

Follow the steps and suggestions in this article and choose the right sports apparel companies.

Then, take your business to your dream level.

All the best with your business!


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