Different Scenes, Different Fitness Apparel

a man running beside the river in fitness apparel and sports cap.

Starting something new for your fitness plan but having no idea what to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You will want to have activewear that will allow you to perform your best safely. Hence, you’ll first need to think about the type of activities you’ll be doing.

For gym exercises, it is best to wear fitness apparel that allows you to perform your best even in public. For outdoor exercises, you should prioritize bright-colored gym clothes that are appropriate for the weather. For home exercises, you have more freedom in terms of workout apparel since there will be no eyes on you. However, you’ll still need to choose sports clothes that are suitable for your routine.

For a better image of what’s best to wear for your next athletic session, we’ve rounded up recommendations for you.

What Sportswear Should be Worn for Gym Exercises?

According to GymWear, what-is-appropriate-gym-wear, your gym clothes should be able to support you. At the same time, it should keep you comfortable and cool. You can wear sports shorts, leggings, or track jogging pants depending on which feels the most comfortable. However, do consider the exercises you will be doing as well. You wouldn’t want to get your loose pants stuck on the exercise bike or any similar accidents.

The most likely scenario at the gym is that you’ll be doing a series of vigorous exercises. With all the available equipment, you will probably rack up a lot of sweat in the process.

Here are the most common gym workouts and what you should wear for each of them.

Gym Clothes for Power Training

illustrate an image of weightlifting.

If you’re planning to do strength training such as weightlifting, then we recommend that you wear loose gym wear. Consider wearing polypropylene fabrics, as this wicks away sweat like magic. The clothing’s breathability keeps your body unrestricted and allows you to perform at your best. Avoid rubber or plastic-based fabrics at all costs. These can be extremely hot on the skin and can cause discomfort in heavy training.

Solid flat-soled sneakers are also a must according to Complex. These help you keep your balance and form steady. For women, make sure to wear supportive workout undergarments with a good balance of flexibility and support.

Also, consider wearing sports clothes that help you sweat out during your warmups. For this, you can wear a gym sweatshirt and sweatpants over another short set of workout clothes. As soon as you feel warmed up, then you can remove these. Or you can wear what you usually wear at the gym at home. But since there are little to no people, you can wear almost anything you prefer. That is, as long as it is comfortable and exercise appropriately.

the figure explain a man lift a weight lifter.

The Modest Man says that strength training requires using workout equipment like barbells. Thus, shirts with rough material are a good choice. This improves your form and stops your barbell from slipping off. Also, choose shoes with flat and hard bottoms. It makes it easier to find your center of gravity.

Workout Clothes for Aerobic Training

its several mens active in gym shorts and fitness tank top.

For aerobic training, comfort is prioritized. Preferably, do choose workout clothes that don’t need to be constantly adjusted. Just like in strength training, avoid using plastic or rubber-based fabrics. Workout clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight are the best options according to Wise Geek. For the shoes, we recommend that you use aerobic shoes. These sneakers have a certain amount of ankle and foot support that is unique to them only.

Here is a shortlist of the things to consider when purchasing gym clothes for aerobic training from Street Directory:

  • Wear light colored fitness clothes during the summer
  • Choose sports clothes that fits well is not too tight
  • Wear multiple layers of light athletic clothing
  • Avoid rubber or plastic-based sports clothing

Fitness apparel for Confrontational Training

the image display the men boxing in gym tank top.

Confrontational training refers to exercises that make you a subject for bodily impact. For example, we have boxing. Men usually wear only boxing shorts to these sessions and prefer to go topless. This is mainly because it allows the shoulders to move freely. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then a well-fitted sleeveless top would provide the best comfort according to Boxing Insider.

Here are some suggestions we’ve rounded up from My Boxing Life:

For men, it’s ideal to wear a tight sports technical shirt or tank top. Fitness Apparel that is too loose might get caught on the gloves and be disruptive. You should also wear compression shorts or leggings underneath your regular sports shorts to prevent embarrassing situations.

For women, you would want to wear a sturdy sports bra that provides hefty support. You can also wear a technical top if it’s more comfortable for you. This is very important because you will need to move a lot. In boxing, you won’t need completely unrestricted mobility. Hence, you can wear sports leggings, shorts, or sweatpants. As long as it allows you to move back and forth, then you’re good.

Also, for the footwear, you can purchase boxing shoes that are specialized for the sport. If that isn’t available, then normal sports shoes will do.

What Workout Apparel Should be Worn for Outdoor Fitness?

the image shows a women running outdoor in workout apparel.

For outdoor fitness, your weather is either your best friend or worst enemy. Wearing the wrong clothing can cause accidents and discomfort. Worse, you could catch diseases and get sick.

To stay protected on your workout, here are the right clothes to wear for certain conditions:

● Cold and Wet Conditions

For cold weather conditions, it is best to wear layered clothing. This way, you will be kept warm, comfortable, and dry. According to Heal the University, ideally, the innermost clothing should be a silk or wool and cotton blend undershirt. This material wicks off sweat from the skin.

The second layer should be able to trap cool air and stop it from reaching your skin. For this, choose a wool-cotton or synthetic blend. The outermost layer is the protective layer that prevents you from being wet in cases of sudden rain or snow. Hence, you should always choose water-resistant and breathable material for this.

Last but not the least, do remember to wear protective material on your hands and feet. Otherwise, your hands and feet may suffer from frostbites. Mittens and wool socks would do a great job at keeping them warm.

● Hot and Dry Conditions

As opposed to the cold weather, you would want to be kept cool during hot and dry seasons. According to Eat Right, the best clothing for this case should wick away sweat and be light-colored. Dark colors trap heat and will only make you feel hotter.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you want to wear clothes that show off skin to keep cool. This protects your skin from irritations and sunburn. The ideal sunscreen should be water-resistant with SPF 30 minimum. Apply as frequently as advised in the product.

● Night Exercises

If you have a tight day schedule and only have time for night exercises, then your priority is to be visible even at night. Thus, Panther Vision advises wearing clothes that are vibrant and with reflective stripes. Reflective stripes are preferably placed around your arms and legs to be seen better.

Fabrics made out of high-visibility fabrics are also great for night running. You can also wear a headlight to see clearer even at night.

What Sports Wear Should be Worn for Home Fitness?

There is more to home fitness than comfort. Even at home, you’d need to consider the type of exercises you will be doing. Now the most common exercises done at home are yoga and power training. The characteristics of these exercises are distinct.

Here are the best clothes to wear for these scenarios:

Yoga Clothes for Yoga

The three most important aspects of choosing yoga clothes are breathability, comfort, and flexibility. The style is totally subjective, however, you should make sure that these are not disruptive during the workout.

the picture shows that a women do a yoga in yoga clothes.

Your Workout clothes should stick to your body well enough. Nylon, polyester, and spandex blends are great choices due to stretch according to REI Coop. For shorts, you may want to opt for those with an inner lining for added comfort.

In Conclusion

As the title says, different scenarios need different sportswear. You’ll need to consider comfort, exercise, location, and weather appropriateness. Your fitness apparel should not make you feel conscious or invisible in public. At night, prioritize sports clothes with reflective properties to prevent accidents. Also, your gym clothes should keep you protected from the hot or cold weather.

Always remember this. The best way to perform well in your exercise is to feel comfortable in your skin and clothes.


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